Terms of Service

Please note that I may turn down a commission request in the event that I feel in any way uncomfortable with the subject material, or unable to work with the complexity of the requested illustration. I may also turn down a commissioner, or even terminate an in-progress commission for them due unsavory behavior (such as harassment, or support of predjudice) from said client.

Hopefully, it will never come to this, though!

(such violations would have to be pretty extreme for me to do this, so it's unlikely you'll ever need to worry about it)

Any artwork that I make for you, the client, may be used in other projects or re-posted. Should you choose to re-post art that I have made for you, please provide some form of credit which states that I made the artwork (such as providing a link back to my Tumblr or FurAffinity, or to my posting of the commissioned artwork).

With regards to character designs, aside from re-postings of a commissioned reference sheet for said character(s), I will not be upset if you do not credit me as the designer in other artwork of that character (i.e. art you make of the character(s) yourself, or that you have made of the character(s) by another artist).

Please note that if you repeatedly and intentionally fail to properly credit me when re-posting commissioned artwork (particularly on sites such as FaceBook, Tumblr, Instagram, or Reddit; or, most dreadful of all, Pinterest), I may choose to blacklist you.

A proper crediting should resemble this:

[artwork title/character designed] by Incyray.

NSFW policy and no-go's

I do not draw straight up NSFW, though I do tolerate some 'fetish' or 'kink' themed art which could be considered borderline SFW.

('NSFW' meaning 'not safe for work' aka adult/sexual subject, and 'SFW' meaning 'safe for work' or non-sexual subject)

If you would like to know if the idea you have in mind is something I will tolerate drawing, please contact me with a written description and I will let you know.

If you would still like to share (re-post) such artwork, please credit it's creation under my personal NSFW art account's name.


I will not draw, in any artwork:

Here is a short list of things that I AM ok with in terms of NSFW:


I will send you at least one and at most six preliminary sketch(s) to approve before asking for payment. Once you have decided upon the sketch you wish to have turned into a finished artwork, I will send you an invoice for the payment, and begin the next stage of the creating the artwork once you have given me said payment.

I only accept payment through Paypal invoices; this means that I will come to you for the payment.

(Bad Things Can Happen when the client sends the payment on their own/as a gift)

Do not send payment on your own, as a gift, or any means other than my paypal invoice!

I do not accept partial payment plans; you must pay for the artwork in full before I will move beyond the sketching phase.

Should something arise which causes me to be unable to finish your commission- including voluntary termination- I will refund your money.

Should I be unable to finish the commission within 6 months, but not wholly unable to finish it, I will give a 75% refund.

Termination before the warm up sketch phase has ended, or due to my own voluntary termination, will result in a 100% refund.

Stages of progress

The commissioning process begins with you sending me a direct message ('DM'), which contains some form of reference material for the character/creature you want me to draw, and a written description of what kind of scene you want me to draw them in.

Should I accept your request, I will make at least one concept sketch and show it to you. From here, I am willing to create up to 6 similarly rough sketches whilst we settle upon a final version. (Note that 'warm up sketches'- sketches which I make purely to practice drawing your character- do not count towards this, and I may create an indefinite number of them.) This is the phase during which I will involve you in the most frequent correspondence, as I will be looking for your input regarding which concepts you'd want used for the final art piece.

Once we have settled upon which sketch I will transform into a finished artwork, I will request payment - as detailed in the section above.

After I receive payment, I will move onto the other steps involved in finishing the artwork- such as lining, coloring, and shading. I will happily send you screenshots during or at the end of each step for feedback, so that you can inform me of any errors in need of correction.

If you like, I can use Trello or Discord for this function.

Please note that once the artwork is finished, I will only go back in to fix details (such as marking shapes) up to 5 times.

I will not modify lineart after I have finished shading, nor will I modify large portions of the background once it is complete.